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Full Application - Conversion of redundant water treatment works into 16 apartments, conversion of stone outbuilding into a studio apartment and four new cottages at Former Treatment Works, Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield

Decision Maker: Planning Committee

Decision status: APPROVED (In accordance with officer recommendation with additional or amended condition|(s))

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


This item had been deferred from the Planning Committee in June 2017 at the request of members to allow discussion regarding affordable housing in the scheme. 


The Planning Officer summarised the latest consultation response from the Parish Council.  Members noted the officer request that condition 20 in the recommendation be removed.


The following spoke under the Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:


·         Charles Dunn - Agent

Members expressed concerns regarding the proximity of the proposed development to the ponds below the site.  It was agreed that an amendment to the landscaping condition 13 be included to specify some form of fencing was erected to close off the ponds from the residential development area. Members also requested an amendment to condition 13 of the report to clarify that the required landscape management plan related to the application site as a whole which included the ponds. 

Members discussed the possibility of installing electric charging points in the parking area.  Officers confirmed that the Authority was not able to insist on but would discuss with the developer, but it was noted the capacity of the existing power supply could make this unviable.  It was noted the provision of charging points was not included within current policy but it was a possibility in the future.


Members thanked officers for the work with the applicant to amend the original application.


The Officer recommendation to approve the application subject to changes to the conditions was moved and seconded, put to the vote and carried.




Subject to the prior entry into the Authority’s standard affordable housing section 106 agreement controlling the occupation and affordability of unit 11 and the studio apartment, to APPROVE the application subject to the following conditions;


1.         Commence development within 3 years.


2.         The development as a whole shall be proceed to completion in one phase, with the Studio apartment being developed and made available for occupation concurrently with the apartments in the main building.  Furthermore, other than the laying of the floor slab, no work shall proceed on construction of the new build houses until the external envelope of the main building conversion has been completed in full accordance with the approved plans and all internal apartment walls are constructed and clad with plasterboard (or equivalent).


3.         Carry out in accordance with defined approved plans.


4.         Submit and agree revised plan increasing no of parking spaces within the site for residents.


5.         Submit and agree full details of the proposed new raised roof elements to the 1950s extensions, including external finish.


6.         Withdraw permitted development rights for external alterations, extensions, porches gates, walls and other means of boundary enclosure, satellite dishes, ancillary buildings (with the exception of those sited within the rear gardens of the new build terraced houses).


7.         Submit and agree details of walling (materials, coursing etc.) and roofing materials to the new houses and sample panels of new stonework, pointing, roofing materials for all of site.


8.         Submit and agree full details of all new windows and doors (including details of lintels, sills, etc. to any new openings), to all buildings.  Details to include the precise obscure glazing detail to the windows on the first floor of the filter works north elevation.


9.         Submit and agree minor design/architectural details e.g. window finishes, rainwater goods, external vent details,


10.       No work to commence until details of the means of disposal of foul and surface waters (to include Suds) have been submitted to, and agreed in writing by the Authority.


11.       Submit and agree details of the biomass CHP system.


12.       The development permitted by this planning permission shall be carried out in accordance with an approved non-mains drainage assessment including the following specific mitigation measures:


1.    Soakaways to be constructed to BS6297:2007

2.    No connection to watercourse or land drainage system and no part of the soakaway system is within 10 metres of any ditch or watercourse.

3.    No siting of the package sewage treatment plant within 50 metres or upslope of any well, spring or borehole used for private water supply.


13.       Submit and agree full details of external hard and soft landscaping, works including fencing or hedging to provide a barrier between the site and the ponds located at the bottom of the site and a timescale for implementation and aftercare programme including a scheme to secure the long term management of the whole site


14.       Submit and agree a scheme of external lighting.


15.       All the boundaries of the gardens of the new build houses shall be formed with natural stone walls laid dry with half round coping stones to a height of 1.2m. All pedestrian gateways onto the main road shall be fitted with stone gate posts and timber gates in accordance with a scheme that shall be first submitted to the Authority for approval in writing.


16.       All new steps and any retaining walls within the site shall be faced with natural stone.


17.       Submit and agree details of means of disposal of all waste/spoil/unused demolition materials arising from the site works.


18.       All parking spaces and associated turning and manoeuvring shall be provided, laid out and surfaced to final finish before any of the dwellings are occupied.


19.       Electricity sub-station shall be relocated within main site only as shown on the approved amended site plan and screened by a dry stone wall to a height no lower than 450mm above the highest piece of equipment within the compound.


20.       Submit and agree precise details of the first floor apartment partitions at the junction with the glazed roof lantern and detailing how the metal trusses will be accommodated.


21.       Submit and agree the details of the walling and ground surface treatment within the internal courtyard of the 1913 building.


22.       Submit and agree scheme to maintain the timber boarding to the underside of the roof, at least within the southern open courtyard section.


23.       No building or other obstruction, including landscape features, shall be located over or within 4.5 metres either side of the centre line of the water mains i.e. a protected strip width of 9 metres, that enters the site. If the required stand-off distance is to be achieved via diversion or closure of the water main, the developer shall submit evidence to the Authority that the diversion or closure has been agreed with the relevant statutory undertaker.


24.       "No development shall take place until a Written Scheme of Investigation for a program of historic building recording, has been submitted to and approved by the local planning authority in writing. The Written Scheme of Investigation shall include an assessment of significance and research questions; and


1.    The program and methodology of site investigation and recording

2.    The program and provision for post-investigation analysis and reporting

3.    Provision to be made for publication and dissemination of the analysis and records of the site investigation

4.    Provision to be made for archive deposition of the analysis and records of the site investigation

5.    Nomination of a competent person or persons/organisation to undertake the works set out within the Written Scheme of Investigation"



a)    "No development shall take place until all on-site elements of the approved scheme have been completed to the written satisfaction of the local planning authority.”


b)    “The development shall not be occupied until the site investigation and post investigation analysis and assessment has been completed in accordance with the programme set out in the archaeological Written Scheme of Investigation approved under condition (a) and until the provision to be made for publication and dissemination of results and archive deposition has been secured.”


25.       Ecological mitigation measures


26.       Archaeological mitigation; recording of the site


and subject to Footnotes Regarding:


1.         Highway drainage proposals.


2.         Contact with relevant drainage authorities re suitable watercourse for the disposal of surface water.


3.         Developer to seek advice/comments from the Environment Agency/Land Drainage Authority/Internal Drainage Board, with regard to surface water disposal from the site.


4.         The public sewer network is for domestic sewage purposes. Land and highway drainage have no right of connection to the public sewer network.


5.         Encouraging the installation in an agreed location of a public interpretation panel at the front of the site which explains the history of the site and its importance to the water industry and landscape of the valley.


6.         The Coal Authority’s Standing Advice (site lies within the defined Development Low Risk Area. This means that there is no requirement under the risk-based approach for a Coal Mining Risk Assessment).


7.         Under the terms of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010, the applicant will need to apply for an Environmental Permit to discharge treated sewage effluent into the receiving watercourse, the Dale Dyke. The Agency's preferred discharge point would be downstream of the of the picnic area by the confluence of the Dale and Agden Dykes.


8.         Storage of oils, fuels or chemicals shall be provided with adequate, durable secondary containment to prevent the escape of pollutants and where relevant, comply with the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and the Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) Regulations 1991 and as amended 1997.


9.         Site occupiers intending to purchase or install pollutant secondary containment (bunding) should ensure that the materials are not vulnerable to premature structural failure in the event of a fire in the vicinity.


10.       Environment Agency recommendations for developers when dealing with land affected by contamination.


Publication date: 04/01/2018

Date of decision: 08/12/2017

Decided at meeting: 08/12/2017 - Planning Committee

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