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Minor Property Disposals - Report of the Micro Scrutiny Panel

Meeting: 15/05/2020 - Programmes and Resources Committee (Item 18)

18 Minor Property Disposals - Report of the Micro Scrutiny Panel pdf icon PDF 204 KB

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The Director of Commercial Development and Engagement introduced the report and the Corporate Property Officer was present to answer questions.  The report set out the findings of the Micro Scrutiny Panel which had looked at the Authority’s process for disposing of minor properties and made suggestions for revising the toolkit for disposal of assets.


The Chair of the Panel, Cllr Chris Furness, summarised the reasons for the micro scrutiny and how it had progressed.  He recommended the proposals to the Committee.


The report was welcomed but concerns were stated regarding when local Members and stakeholders would be involved in the process.  Officers stated that it was expected that most disposals would be reported to Members via a Committee report.  It was noted that properties were not put on sale before stakeholders had been consulted, however Members felt this needed to be made clearer.


The recommendation subject to Member engagement being clarified in the toolkit was moved and seconded.  The motion was put to the vote and carried.




1.    To note the report of the Micro Scrutiny Panel and its recommendations relating to the process for dealing with the disposal of minor properties as set out in Appendix 1 of the report.


2.    To ask the Chief Executive in consultation with the Head of Law, Corporate Property Officer and Chair of the Authority to amend the Property Disposal documentation to reflect the recommendations of the Panel, in accordance with the delegation from Authority to make amendments to the Corporate Asset Management Plan and its appendices.