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National Park Management Plan Annual Monitoring Report 2019/20 (MM)


The Senior Strategy Officer introduced the covering report, the second for the Management Plan, which ran from 2018 – 2023 and identified those areas that had achieved, were at risk of not being achieved (amber) or had not achieved their target (red), two of those in the amber range had been impacted by the lockdown due to COVID19.


Amendments to the Delivery Plan (Appendix 3 of the Report) were outlined by the Senior Strategy Officer including adding hard targets to the information in the Target/Outcome column of the document as requested by the National Park Management Plan Advisory Group. 


Members requested an update on the Sustainable Moorland Management Group which last met in 2018, the Director of Conservation & Planning confirmed that Natural England had organised the group and conversations were ongoing regarding arranging another meeting.


Discussion of intention 5 included a request to Members to promote #peakdistrictproud and to ask partners, local authorities and parishes to support the campaign; more information was available on the National Park Authority website. A request was made from Members to increase the information on the Authority website relating to events management and to look at the format of the website to make it more interesting for a younger audience similar to the website of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.


The Chief Executive confirmed that work was continuing to improve the website and  to move forward with social media as research had shown that social media channels were better for getting a message out. Natural England were promoting the Countryside Code and Visit England were promoting Enjoy the Countryside Safely.


Members discussed the requirement for Affordable Housing within the National Park


Members made comments on impact 6 regarding affordable homes and the continued work with local authorities to identify suitable land.  A change to the report was noted for page 27, the final paragraph to be changed to local plan instead of planning. The Director of Conservation & Planning confirmed that the work on the scoping phase of the local plan review included those local agents who had an interest but not the private housebuilding sector as they do not typically build in the Peak District.  Further discussion outside the meeting was agreed.


The Chief Executive left the meeting at 11.30.


Members raised the issue of sites for expanding business within the National Park and it was confirmed that this would be part of the local plan review.


The recommendation to approve the Annual Monitoring Report (Appendix 1 of the report) subject to the changes noted above was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




1.    Members approved the National Park Management Plan Annual Monitoring Report 2019/20.


2.    Members noted the additional actions relating to climate change as part of the Peak District National Park Management Plan 2018-23 delivery plan.



3.    That any necessary changes to the proposed wording of the Annual Monitoring Report or to the additional targets for the Peak District National Park Management Plan 2018-23 delivery plan be delegated to the Chief Executive.



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