Agenda item

Full application - Change of use of approved stable buildings to 4 no. Bedroom suites, an M&E room and a Domestic Store at Bleaklow Farm, Bramley Lane, Hassop (NP/DDD/0520/0404 TS)



The Planning Manager – South Area, introduced both reports for item 7 & 8 of the agenda but confirmed that these were two separate applications and following his introduction they would be discussed and voted on separately.  The Planning Manager also reminded Members that, following an appeal on a previous application which had been upheld by the Inspector and which had resulted in the applicant being awarded costs against the Authority, serious consideration needed to be given to the Inspectors direction when considering these applications.


The following spoke under Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:


·         Mr & Mrs Slack, Objector – statement read out by Democratic Services

·         Nigel Chapman, Objector - statement read out by Democratic Services

·         Clare Gamble, Objector - statement read out by Democratic Services

·         Kathleen Pheasey, Objector - statement read out by Democratic Services

·         Sarah Foster, Agent – live telephone call


Members considered approval a balanced decision in light of the judgement of the Inspector.


A motion to approve the application subject to conditions was moved, seconded put to the vote and carried.




That the application be approved subject to the following conditions:


1.    Development to be carried out in accordance with specified plans.


2.    The accommodation hereby approved shall only be used in a manner that is ancillary to the use of the main house.


3.    The external doors and windows shall be of timber construction.


4.    All timber work shall be in accordance with the details submitted for application NP/DIS/0217/0144 and shall be permanently so maintained.


5.    The window frame glazing bars shall not exceed 18mm in thickness.


6.    The rainwater goods shall be cast metal, painted black. The gutters shall be fixed directly to the stonework with brackets and without the use of fascia boards. There shall be no projecting or exposed rafters.


7.    All pipework, other than rainwater goods, shall be completely internal within the building.


8.    There shall be no external meter boxes.


9.    Prior to the installation of any external lighting or any source of illumination attached to the replacement dwelling, within its curtilage, or associated with the access or access track to the replacement dwelling, full details of the precise design and specifications of the lighting, or source of illumination including its location, and luminosity, shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the National Park Authority. The lighting or any other source of illumination shall thereafter be carried out in accordance with the approved specification and shall be permanently so maintained.


Supporting documents: