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Full Application - Semi subterranean out-buildings in the rear garden including creation of garden terrace at The Mount, The Hills, Bradwell (NP/DDD/1219/1340, CW)


The Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee had visited the site on the previous day.


The Planning Officer introduced the report and asked Members to note that a parking space which had been part of the application had now been removed. 


The recommendation to approve the application was moved and seconded.


Members requested information regarding the Parish Council’s objections to the development with regard to over development of the site.  The Planning Officer confirmed that to the amendments to the scheme addressed their concerns relating to parking.


The Planning Office confirmed that the Conservation Officer’s concerns had been addressed by the withdrawal of the parking space and amendments to the glazing and installation of balustrades on the terrace to the rear of the property.


The motion to approve the application subject to an additional condition regarding removal of waste from the site was put to the vote and carried.




To APPROVE the application subject to the following conditions:


1.    3 year implementation period.


2.    Development to be carried out in accordance with specified plans proposed side North ref.105 Rev A, proposed side south ref. 106 Rev A and proposed rear east ref 104 Rev C.


3.    All new stonework shall be natural limestone faced, coursed and pointed to match the existing stonework of the house.


4.    The new doors shall be recessed by 150mm from the external face of the stonework.


5.    The new doors to be provided in aluminium colour, to be approved in writing by the Authority prior to installation.


6.    The new door openings shall each be fitted with a natural gritstone lintel.


7.    The railing shall be painted dark grey and permanently so maintained


8.    The glazing shall be provided in transparent glass with no mirror finish applied.


9.    A scheme for removal of waste from the site will be agreed.


Footnote: No permission granted for the front parking space which is omitted for the proposal




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