Agenda item

Full Application - Proposed agricultural cubicle building to house and feed livestock at Priestcliffe Hall Farm, Priestcliffe Road, Priestcliffe (NP/DDD/0820/0711 TM)


The Chair and Vice Chair of Committee had visited the site on the previous day.


The Planning Officer introduced the report.


The following addressed the Committee under the Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:-


·         Ms J Harrison, Agent –statement read out by Democratic Services


Members agreed that although the size of the building means that the scheme is major development, it would not have a significant impact on the landscape.  Members asked that 2 additional conditions be added to agree a landscaping scheme and also for a scheme for both internal and external lighting as internal lighting spill can cause significant landscape impacts.


A motion to approve the recommendation as set out in the report subject to the additional conditions, was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




To APPROVE the application subject to conditions or modifications to control the following:


           3 year implementation period.

           The development shall not be carried out other than in complete accordance with the specified amended plans.

           Concrete panels shall be reduced to the internal ground floor level. The box profile sheeting shall extend from the eaves of the building the internal ground floor level.

           The concrete panels to north, west and east elevations shall be painted the same colour as the box profile sheeting Slate Blue (18B29).

           The box profile sheeting shall be coloured Slate Blue (18B29).

           Climate change mitigation measures to be implemented.

           The building shall be used only for the purposes of agriculture.

·                     Landscaping Scheme to be agreed

·                     Scheme for both internal and external lighting to be agreed.

Supporting documents: