Agenda item

Full Application - Renovation of house and conversion of agricultural dwellings for residential and commercial use (cafe) at Town End Cottage, Grindon (NP/SM/1020/0979 MN)


The Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee had visited the site the previous day.


The Planning Officer introduced the report setting out the reasons for approval as set out in the report.


The following addressed the Committee under the Public Participation at meetings scheme:


Mr Rob Webb, Objector – statement read out by Democratic & Legal Support Team (DLST)

Mr Andrew Gagie, Objector – statement read out by Democratic & Legal Support Team (DLST)

Dr Alex Forrester, Applicant – video presentation


The Planning Officer was asked to clarify the advice which had been given by the Highways Authority and confirmed that the original application proposed a larger café space and it had been considered by the Highways Authority that there was not adequate parking provision for a café of the proposed size.  Following discussion with the Applicant the proposed size of the café was reduced and the parking provision was subsequently considered to be adequate in accordance with the relevant standards.


Additionally queries had been raised by Natural England in relation to the Package Treatment Plant regarding potential phosphorus output, but the Applicant had been able to answer these queries to Natural England’s satisfaction.  The proposed location of the package Treatment Plant had been confirmed as acceptable to building control officers of the relevant council.


Members noted that the café and house renovation were part of the same application and queried whether it was possible to consider the two matters separately.  The Planning Officer confirmed that it was not possible to issue a split decision on the application.


Members discussed the potential number of customers that would be attracted by the proposed café and the likelihood of them dispersing to other parts of the village.


A motion to approve the item in accordance with Officer recommendation was proposed and seconded


The Chair asked if a condition could be added to regulate any external lighting and the Officer confirmed that it could..


A vote was taken on approving the application in accordance with Officer recommendation with an additional condition regarding external lighting, and was carried.
















To  approve the application subject to the following conditions, and an extra condition relating to regulation of external lighting to be delegated to the Planning Officer


1.    3 year time limit


2.    In accordance with the amended plans


3.    Hard and soft landscaping of the site, including parking spaces and surfacing to be reserved and subsequently approved parking to be set out prior to the use of the café commencing


4.    Dwelling and café to be maintained as a single planning unit


5.    Cafe opening hours limited to 9am to 6pm daily


6.    Extent of café use limited to that identified on the approved floor plans


7.    No external extraction, refrigeration, ventilation or other plant or machinery associated with the café use to be installed without the Authority’s prior written approval


8.    No business use other than the café use to be granted by the permission


9.    Scheme of archaeological monitoring and recording to be approved prior to commencement


10.  Recommendations of the protected species report to be complied with


11.  Proposed climate change mitigation measures to be incorporated


12.  Effluent purification measures for package treatment plant to be implemented at time of installation and maintained thereafter


13.  Conditions to secure detailed design matters


14.  External lighting to be agreed




Supporting documents: