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Climate Change Member Task Group Annual Report


The report was introduced by the Head of Information and Performance Management and Professor Haddock-Fraser, the Chair of the Task Group.


Members agreed that the Group had developed an in depth understanding of the issues, and thanks and congratulations were offered to members of the Group and the Officers supporting it.


A motion to approve the recommendation was proposed.


The motion was seconded, voted on and carried.




1.    To note the achievements of the Climate Change Member Task Group to date and that the current members of the group are: Cllr Chapman, Cllr Farrell, Cllr Furness, Prof Haddock-Fraser, Ms Slack and Mr Smith.

2.    To approve the updated terms of reference for the Climate Change Member Steering Group at Appendix 1 of the report.

3.    To approve the Climate Change Member Steering Group’s priorities for 2021/22.

4.    To confirm that attendance at meetings of the Steering Group is an approved duty for the purpose of claiming travel and subsistence allowances.[MA1] 


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