Agenda item

Derbyshire Strategic Planning Framework Member Update


The report was introduced by the Head of Planning


Members discussed where the decisions regarding strategic cooperation between authorities are taken, and were advised that this takes place at the D2N2 Board for Economic Prosperity.  The Chair of the Authority is not a part of this Board at present but will explore with the Head of Planning whether the Authority should have a representative on this Board.


A motion to support the recommendation was proposed and seconded.


Members requested clarification of how the National Park Authority engages with other local authorities outside Derbyshire on strategic planning cooperation, and were advised that there are formal mechanisms for this non statutory process at local plan level and via statements of common ground.


The motion was voted on and carried.




1.    To note the progress made in developing the Strategic  Planning Framework (SPF) to date as set out in Appendix 1 of the report


2.    To endorse the continued participation of Planning Officers in developing the Strategic Planning Framework.


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