Agenda item

Full Application - New roof and build up walls in limestone on existing store, The Green, Main Street, Chelmorton (NP/DDD/0121/0013 TM)


Mr Helliwell re-joined the meeting and took back the Chair at 2.19pm.


Cllr Chapman left the meeting as he had declared a prejudicial interest on this item..


The Planning Officer introduced the report and confirmed that the application had come before the committee due to the Applicant’s spouse being a member of the committee.


A motion to approve the application in accordance with the Officer recommendation was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




To APPROVE the application subject to the following conditions or



·         3 year implementation period.


·         The development shall not be carried out other than in complete accordance with the specified plans.


·         All new stonework including lintels, sills, quoins and surrounds shall be in natural stone, coursed, laid and pointed to match the existing dwelling house.


·         The new roofs shall be clad with concrete pantile to match the dwelling

house. The roof verge(s) shall be flush cement pointed, with no barge boards or projecting timberwork.


·         Climate change mitigation measures to be implemented




Supporting documents: