Agenda item

Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan (AM)



The application was bought forward on the agenda to allow time for speakers on item 11 to arrive.


The Head of Planning introduced the report. He confirmed that the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan crossed the boundary into Staffordshire Moorlands District Council area and that the two authorities had worked together, along with the residents, on the plan.


A motion to approve the proposal as recommended by Officers was moved and seconded


Members asked if there could be a consultation stage with the Committee before it goes to a referendum.  Also clarification on whether the Neighbourhood Plan override the Authority’s Policies.


The Head of Planning confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan cannot undermine the strategic polices of the National Parks Purposes. But where they are consistent with local plan policies they can be appreciably different. Officers work hard with local communities to achieve this level of compatibility.


A question regarding the fit of a possible housing development at the former mill site, as mentioned in the plan, with policy regarding no development in smaller villages.  The Head of Planning referred members to Policy DS1, paragraph 8.24 which gives advice on exceptional circumstances such as a previous industrial site.


The motion to approve the proposal as recommended by Officers was voted on and carried.




That the Authority designates Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan (as attached at Appendix 1 to the report) as part of the statutory development plan for Leekfrith Neighbourhood area.

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