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Farming in Protected Landscapes (SLF)


The report, which updated Members on the progress of the Farming in Protected Landscape (FIPL) programme, and sought approval for a temporary suspension of standing order 7.C-3 in relation to the FIPL programme, was introduced by the Head of Landscape.


It was noted that the information within the report was no longer confidential as an announcement about the scheme had been made by the Government on 24 June 2021.


The Head of Landscape confirmed that an allowance for administration and staff costs was provided in the scheme and 3 new fixed term posts were in the process of being recruited to.


A motion to approve the recommendation was moved and seconded.


Members thanked the Head of Landscape for her hard work on this, which had been instrumental in bringing theprogramme forward nationally and in securing National Park Authorities role as the organisations delivering the scheme.


It was proposed that “only” be added to the end of recommendation 2, to make clear the standing order temporary suspension related to the FIPLprogramme only.


The Head of Landscape acknowledged the short time scales involved for year one and confirmed that, it was hoped that one of the conditions of the funding would be changed to allow for “allocation” rather than “spend” of funds by the end of the financial year. In addition that the ask for Defra to move some of the programme funds from year one to years two and three was being pursued.  


The motion to approve the recommendation with the addition of “only” at the end of recommendation 2 was put to the vote and carried.





1. To note the progress and current position on the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme.

2. To temporarily suspend the operation of Standing Order 7.C-3 for the delivery of the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme only, and to adopt the requirements set out in the National Framework document for the authorisation of grants under that programme only.

3. To delegate authority to the Chief Executive Officer or their nominee to complete grant agreements authorised in accordance with the National Framework, in the standard form provided within the National Framework documents.

4. To appoint the Member Champion for Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Farming, Mr R Helliwell, to the Local Assessment Panel and for it to be an approved duty for the purposes of travel and subsistence.


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