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A57 Link Roads Scheme (TN)


The Transport Policy Planner introduced the report and gave a presentation to Members regarding the A57 Link Road Scheme which was in the north-west, and wholly outside of the National Park boundary at the western end of the Longdendale Valley.  The primary aim of the scheme was to relieve congestion and the effects of road traffic on the residents of Mottram and Woolley Bridge, although it was predicted that the scheme could substantially increase traffic flows in other areas such as in the National Park.

The scheme includes two link roads: -

           The Mottram Moor Link Road – 50mph, dual carriageway linking the M67 with A57 at the eastern end of Mottram Moor

           The A57 Link Road – 30mph, single carriageway, linking Mottram Moor with Glossopdale.


The Examination into the A57 Link Roads commenced in November of 2021 and the initial Public Hearings was due to take place next week from 8th February – 11th February 2022.  There was an extra week set aside in April for a further round of hearings if required.

The Peak District National Park Authority submitted its Local Impact Report to the Planning Inspector on Friday 14th January 2022.

The Transport Policy Planner informed Members that the Authority has already submitted 2 holding objections to the proposed scheme, both of which are still in place, on the basis that the consultation materials lacked sufficient details on future traffic flows to be able to assess the impact on the National Park.


The following spoke under the Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:-


Mr Robert Largan, MP


Members discussed whether the report could be deferred to allow for further discussion and a site visit, but were informed that this was not ideal due to the time scales set by the Planning Inspector.  It was agreed that it was important that the Authority attended the Hearing to have our voice heard on supporting the delivery of the National Park Authority’s  two statutory purposes.


A motion to support the recommendations as set out in the report was proposed and seconded, put to the vote and carried.




1.         That Members endorse the submitted Local Impact Report at Appendix 1 as set out in the report.


2.         That Members support Officer attendance at the Public Hearing Meetings.


3.         That Members formalise the current holding objection to a full objection on the basis of the unacceptable impacts of the scheme on the Special Qualities of the National Park.



Supporting documents: