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Listed Building Consent Application - Renovation of the farmhouse linking to change of use of the outbuildings and replacement of the Nissen hut to ensure protection of the heritage and the farm's long term viability. Rebuilding of the stables in keeping materials at a standard size to better support the viability of the land at Wrights Farm, Clayholes Lane, Kettleshulme (NP/CEC/1221/1304 SPW)


This item was debated at the same time as Item 7.


The Area Team Manager advised that an amendment was necessary to the reasons for refusal.


·         From reason 1 delete “and the proposed alterations at the top of the track and and widening of the access”


A motion to refuse the application in accordance with the Officer recommendation was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




To REFUSE the application for the following reasons:


  1. The proposal by virtue of its design would harm the character, appearance and significance of the heritage assets and their setting, this is because the works required to create the new residential accommodation significantly extend and alter the outbuildings, harming their form and character and would lose the positive contribution these buildings have as part of the group of listed buildings, and would represent an unfortunate domestic intrusion into the landscape as would the new domestic curtilage to the west of the outbuildings. It would also reduce the rank, role and historic function of the existing dwelling to a residential annexe ancillary to the proposed new dwelling. The glazed link would also fail to enhance the significance of the site and would have a negative impact on the character and appearance and significance of the dwelling and outbuildings. The proposed stables will also detract from the setting of the listed buildings, and would    represent an unfortunate and unnecessary domestic intrusion into the landscape as would the new domestic curtilage to the west of the outbuildings. The proposal would also potentially harm the butter churning wheel by obscuring it from view due to the position of the relocated cupboards and the proposal would also cut through a historic stone flag, part of a fireplace, unnecessarily harming this historic feature. The proposal is therefore contrary to Core Strategy Policies GSP1, GSP2, GSP3, L1, L3 and Development Management Policies DMC3, DMC5, DMC7, DMC10 and the NPPF.


  1. Inadequate and inaccurate plans and justifications have been submitted to be able to fully ascertain the impact on the listed buildings and to be able to be certain of the extent and details of the proposal. The proposal is therefore contrary to Core Strategy Policy L3, and Development Management Policies DMC5, DMC7 and the NPPF.




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