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Monitoring & Enforcement Quarterly Review - July 2023 (A1533/AJC)


The report was introduced by the Monitoring and Enforcement Team Manager. He gave an update on case ref: 22/0040 - Cressbrook Dale and displayed ‘before and after’ photographs for two of the resolved cases, 23/0027 - Butterton Moor and 17/0053 – The Glen, Hollinsclough. He also drew attention to the improved performance on resolving enforcement cases and investigating enquiries within 30 days which was still below target but had improved since the previous year.


He corrected an error in the report. In the table following paragraph 9 where it reads ‘Outstanding At Year End’ should read ‘Outstanding at End of Quarter’, and the figures in the Enquiries – Outstanding at End of Quarter were back to front. Where it reads ‘243 (232)’, it should read ‘232 (243)’.


The Chair gave a brief update on efforts to reduce the backlog of enforcement cases and how the pending organisational change seeks to address these issues which were caused by resourcing and staffing issues.


The recommendation was moved, seconded, voted on and carried.




To note the report.


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