Agenda item

Household Application - Alterations and extensions to Wynfield, Holme Lane, Bakewell. (NP/DDD/0823/0901 LB)


The report was introduced by the Planning Officer who laid out the reasons for refusal as set out in the report.


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Jim Mundy, Agent


Members asked that the item be deferred to allow for a site visit to enable them to get a better understanding of the street scene, as there appeared to be little development to the other side of the road that would be affected by the proposal.


A motion to defer the item to allow Members to visit the site in order for them to get a better understanding of the setting and design, was moved, seconded, voted on and carried.




To DEFER the application pending a site visit by Members to assess the setting and design of the site.





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