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Section 73 Application for the Variation of Condition 5 and 71 on NP/DDD/0712/0760 for the Purpose of Securing a 2-Year Extension of Time to the Extraction Operation at the Quarry (NP/DDD/1022/1238, RB)


The report was introduced by the Planning Officer who laid out the reasons for approval as set out in the report.


The Planning Officer also reported that since the report was published the Planning Officer had received a late representation from Birchover Parish Council who objected to the application due to the increase in HGV activity and the impact of this activity in the area. 


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Ian Mortimore, Stanton Parish Council, Objector

·         Howard Griffiths, Member of SADE, Objector

·         Julie Kidd, Member of SADE, Objector

·         Charlie Watson, Objector

·         John Boulby, Objector

·         Sue Fogg, Objector

·         Laura Mellstron, Derbyshire Dales District Councillor, Objector

·         Phil Sharland, Agent – Statement read out on his behalf by Democratic Services


Members expressed their concerns on the protection of the ancient site which should be fully protected by the National Park, and asked that the Authority record its thanks  to Garry Purdy, Ken Smith  and the late Prof John Herbert, for all their endeavours and actions in protecting this area.


Members asked whether the applicant could return to committee for a further extension of time, this is the case but the Planning Officer reported that the Authority would have to look at each application in line with policy if that was the case.


Members supported the proposal but understood the concerns raised regarding the absence of a restoration plan for Haul Road.  The conditions for approval would need to be carried out with full consultation with Members of the committee and there would need to be an action plan to oversee the restoration.


A motion to approve the application was proposed, seconded, voted on and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to a Section 106 legal agreement and to grant officers to agree final wording of conditions in full consultation with Members of the Planning Committee under the following headings:


1. Archaeology

2. Soil Stripping

3. Accordance with Approved Plans

4. Commencement

5. Duration

6. Cessation of Operation

7. Hours of Operation

8. Compliance

9. Landscape

10. Highways

11. Restoration of Haul Road

12. Noise Suppression

13. Dust Suppression

14. Hydrological Mitigation

15. Waste Management

16. Ecology

17. Restoration and Aftercare



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