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Household Application - Alterations and Extensions to Wynfield, Holme Lane, Bakewell (NP/DDD/0823/0901, LB)


Some members had visited the site the previous day.


The report was introduced by the Head of Planning who laid out the reasons for refusal as set out in the report. 


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Jeff Cooper, Applicant


Members raised concerns regarding the size of the proposed gable being disproportionate in size the to the scale of the building. 


Members raised thoughts on conditions which could be attached to mitigate the bulk of the extension and suggested the introduction of vertical, narrow windows to the second floor of the front facing gable and improved fenestration at the ground floor to harmonise with the rest of the building. Officers were asked to take these points into consideration should the application be approved.


A motion to approve the application subject to conditions addressing members concerns regarding the gable was approved, seconded, voted on and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to conditions.


Supporting documents: