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01 John Keeley, Planning Manager, North

Details of the representation

Please can I make the following update to the report before this item is considered.


Re: Proposed condition 4 relating to the final archiving of the archaeological WSI results.


We discharged the majority of the archaeological conditions 5 and 6 on the ‘parent’ application NP/DDD/0815/0779 under discharge of conditions application no NP/DIS/1118/1104 issued last week.  Unfortunately , and apologies to Wesley, I missed the fact that we had already received confirmation from Natalie Ward – PDNPA Archaeologist , that the final archiving steps required in the former conditions have been completed.  Therefore the conditions are now deemed to be FULLY DISCHARGED .  Whilst they should have been formally done so under the recent discharge application, rather than issue an amended or further discharge letter, we can simply now omit condition 4 from my recommendation which related to the requirement to carry out that final archiving.


Thank you


John Keeley

Planning Manager - North

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