Representations Recieved

Cllr G Heath (Member)

Details of the representation

Having spoken to John a couple of weeks ago I understand that the two of you are determining the planning applications that would have gone to committee under normal times.

I wish to make representation on application  0855 an agricultural building at Mixon Grange Farm please, which is in my County Division

I would like to fully support this application , it is absolutely  necessary to maintain the future viability of this farm, the younger members of the family need to expand the business in order for a succession plan to continue

Members at the Park are committed to  a future for agriculture and acknowledge the need to   promote younger entrants into an ageing industry

I see there are no objections  in principle  and the statutory bodies are in support  especially the Parish Council  who have the local knowledge with the exception of the archaeology report


Such a report would be very expensive and  the applicants have alternative reports which negate the need for one .i refer to the HEFER reports relating to this land which I sent to you John.

Also this area of land was ploughed in 1963 and since then  has had a drainage system dug in  so any future disturbance would have already  been precedented

The  family  really need this building to keep farming ,they have seriously looked at alternative siting but this is the only option to them .there will be no adverse impact on neighbours and DME 1 states that development is accepted when  the scale proposed is proportional  to the functionality required

I hope that you can look at this favourably and recommend approval.