Representations Recieved

Sheenagh Mudford

Details of the representation

I make representation on behalf of, and with the permission of, all objectors to the above who have previously submitted written objections or who have taken part in a village survey.


We are concerned why this matter is deemed urgent during lockdown and that there has been premature publication of the decision.

We feel the application is sufficiently sensitive to allow unhurried consideration by Committee.  We are concerned that not all recent documentation has been made available for scrutiny and the question of procedural pre determination has arisen.


Dale House Farm is a name. The property, is termed a farmhouse in your submission but it is a historic family home with two adjoining cottages.

The proposed change has prompted exceptionally strong reactions in the community.


Monyash has no local need of more holiday accommodation - local need being the most important criteria for any development within the Peak Park.

Within a 3 mile radius, our 220 residents are surrounded by 6 partyhouses with identical concepts to this application, cottages and campsites for over 700 visitors.  Residents welcome all visitors and provide a book exchange, toilet and washing facilities.  The high proportion of holidaymakers at times already alter the dynamic of the village to its deteriment.


The Bulls Head Pub and the The Smithy are the only businesses offering hospitality, the latter, out of lockdown is considered by its owner Mr Driscoll to be at capacity.You acknowledge our roads are already heavily used and the idea that a further influx of vehicles will not increase noise and disturbance is incomprehensible.  Information regarding onsite parking, the number of spaces provided and the purposes of the existing garages is conflicting and not yet finalised.


The suggestion is that guests will be advised how to access Dale House Farm by train is unrealistic; there being no regular bus connection from Buxton or Chesterfield railway stations.


Outside lockdown there is little unemployment in Monyash. Two positions of employment exist presently at the property;  a cleaner and a gardener, Employees arrive and depart by vehicle and any further positions would add to the daily traffic at a dangerous corner of this busy road. 


It is a fact that noise and light pollution from nearby Benty Grange, an identical party-style house of multi occupancy , disturbs residents and their farmlife and stock some 350metres distant.  It is for this and visual reasons that the Parish Council have requested on several occasions increased planting to screen off the development but this has been ignored.


No aspect of this proposed development will enhance the lives of Monyash residents, enrich the environment or stimulate existing business.  The imbalance of holidaymakers to local residents could be conflicting when expansion is forced and the integrity of the village is compromised.