Representations Recieved

Mr R Ford

Details of the representation


NP/SM/0819/0855 - Mixon Grange Farm, Onecote, Staffordshire

Dear Sir/Madam

I write in relation to the matter referenced above.

I have lived for the last fifty years (and still live) at Mixon Green Farm; a property which would overlook the new cattle shed (the subject of the application) if planning permission was granted for it. You will see from your plans the exact location of Mixon Green Farm.

As I previously stated in relation to an earlier application I have no objection in principle to the erection of the cattle shed; indeed I support and encourage it in that it will help to create a viable farming business at Mixon Grange.

I am pleased to understand from the applicants that they have accepted a condition compelling them to undertake tree planting and landscaping so as to afford substantial screening of the shed and to provide an environment for bird and wildlife habitat. The areas of trees planted should have rabbit guards and be fenced off so as to afford protection from cattle and sheep: the types of trees to be planted should include conifers (for year-round screening) as well as trees such as hornbeam, beech, field maple, oak, alder, guelder rose, hawthorn and bird cherry. I understand from the applicants that there is a landscaping/tree planting scheme in place but that this will not be in the public domain until (and unless) planning permission is granted. I find this puzzling as my support for the application is dependent on such a scheme and its nature and I would welcome any enlightenment on this matter.