Representations Recieved

Ms L Slack (Member)

Details of the representation

It is a shame if a middle ground can’t be found here.


I strongly sympathise with the applicant; they are in a very difficult position. This is clearly the only acceptable site for the building, and as the site has been disturbed in the past, would it not be reasonable to do a sample excavation of the specific area of interest, and then make a decision based on what is found as to whether a full Written Scheme of Investigation is necessary, rather than expecting the applicant to meet these costs for the whole site area (it would be helpful to know what these costs would be). It is a shame that this may be refused because the applicant cannot afford the cost of the condition.


It is important that we that we support young farmers in the Peak District, the new building will allow the farm to continue to be farmed in a non-intensive way but to today’s welfare standards and to house enough stock to make it viable as an agricultural business.


In point 35. I think “the proposed plans “could” result in permanent and irreversible harm”, would be more accurate.