Representations Recieved

Steven Morten

Details of the representation

Planning application NP/HPK/0320/0234 at Heath Farm, Smalldale SK17 8EB

Proposed change of use of a building from agricultural to mixed use for agriculture and timber processing 


Statement from Steven Morten — owner of the farmhouse at Heath Farm


As the owner of the farmhouse, which will become the family home, and the adjacent barns that will be converted into high quality self-catering holiday accommodation with disabled access, I bought the house for its location and potential, and I have no plans to ever sell this property.


The timber processing, which is over 70m from the house, will run Monday-Saturday during the daytime only; as someone who grew up on a farm I have no problem with the proximity to the family home of the proposed log processing and sheep farming operation, which will take place mainly out of sight. 


With regard to the cleanliness and maintenance of the site, the directors of Heath Farming Limited (my father and Luke Johnson) will ensure that the site is maintained to very high standards, which I have already witnessed by their commitment to clearing away decades of rubbish.


Cleanliness is essential for the care of Luke’s flock of sheep, both during winter and for lambing in the spring and I know that they will provide a safe and healthy environment for the growing flock.


During the last few weeks I have seen the relocation of the potato crates of dried logs, from their temporary location to where they will be stored; the bags of logs, ready for delivery, have been moved from the building where agricultural machinery is now stored and the building where the new kiln will be located is ready for refurbishing, as set out in the planning application. 


The pile of logs that have been temporarily stored adjacent to the main track to the farmstead will be moved to the new storage area behind building where the logs will be processed. The logs will be totally out of sight from the house and proposed holiday accommodation, and will be screened to the south by additional tree planting.


Opposite the family home the piece of land that was used as an open air storage area will be returned to its former state as a field.


This fledgling business is supporting a young, local family and will provide a sustainable supply of government-approved logs, which will support a growing sheep farming operation. It is essential that the two operations are based at the same location and I have no concerns whatsoever that this business will ever impact on family life. 


I urge the committee to approve this application.


Best Regards

Steven Morten