Representations Recieved

Cllr M Chaplin - Authority Member

Details of the representation

On item 1 of the Planning Committee tomorrow, the Winster Barn conversion, I note that it the external structure is kept inntact and not extended staying true to its' original form. That said, the Barn lies in open countryside well away from Winster Village and that this normally provides grounds to oppose applications like this. The fact that there is a another barn conversion further south should not be taken as grounds to approve this one. A barn serving an agricultural purpose will not have the paraphernalia of human habitation around it whereas, the Barn as holiday let, is more than likely to have a motor vehicle parked outside, plus household waste bin, other recycling bins, washing line, outdoor table and chairs etc. These are likely to be visible in the landscape from a number of locations. 


There may be some concern among Officers at the possibility that opposition to this application may be lost on appeal but I do feel that we as Members must be seen to be upholding the Sandford principles otherwise we are doing our national park a disservice.