Representations Recieved

Mr C Macdonald

Details of the representation

I notice that the above application is being considered again, it still has my overwhelming support as per my previous letter. The buildings externally will be virtually  unaltered with the two holiday cottages adjacent it is only adding a few extra beds to the overall building there will be  little extra traffic,in my experience  there is absolutely no trouble or noise from the two  large holiday cottages already in the parish, and I live directly opposite one, my contact with any of the visitors has always been positive they are generally families or friends having reunions quietly, no noisy stag or hen parties.

Dale House is nicely situated for visitors to be directly onto a web of footpaths and in the centre of the P.D.N.P. easily accessible for all the the honeypots in the area and of course Buxton and the Opera House and its other attractions.

The application is supported by many local people it will have little effect on the village, I have lived in the village for 35+ years and have seen many changes here and also the whole area, we  must not live in the past some buildings are no longer ideal for families or as here a couple, visitors should be encouraged, we are fortunate to have the area to ourselves for much of the year.

Many of the objections to this application were touted for  this is a practise which I find totally unsatisfactory, so may I reitterate my full support for the proposed changes to a house in a perfect position for a new life.