Representations Recieved

Mr Ford

Details of the representation

Without such a building as proposed the applicant will most likely have to abandon his commercial sheep operation


The applicant is not a new entrant to farming, having lived and worked the now disbanded nearby family farm at Hillsdale


The applicant's wife is also employed by others in agriculture in the locality


The applicant currently relies on the goodwill of neighbouring holdings to safely store his equipment and to lamb ewes. There is no scope to indoor rear stock however and the equipment storage must come to an end this season.


We have offered to extensively plant trees to the lower and road facing elevations..a proposal which must surely find favour in the rapidly evolving climate change debate. In my experience: holly and hawthrorn are rapidly growing and will soon allow the building to be subsumed into the landscape.


We have also made the point that the proposed track will soon become grassed over as it will only be used periodically


The Yorkshire boarding to the walls is shown clad to ground level thereby avoiding the more usual but visually discordant concrete panels .


The building is a near miss as a permitted development operation is not because of the limited land parcels currently available


Please consider the application in the light of the above