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Following the end of the legislation allowing the Authority to hold remote meetings meetings of the Authority and its Committees are now returning to physical meetings. However to enable the meetings to take place in accordance with current Coronavirus social distancing guidance these meetings may take place at venues other than Aldern House. Details of the venues will be given on the agendas for the meetings when they are published. These meetings are open to the public but spaces will be limited and priority given to those participating in the meeting. The meetings will be broadcast live as audio only and available to be listened to after the meeting via our website. Meetings which were held between May 2020 and April 2021 were broadcast via YouTube and recordings of these can still be viewed using the following link:

View historical meetings on YouTube

If you wish to make represesentations at a meeting you should contact before 12 noon on the Wednesday before the meeting.

Please get in touch if you need more information.

Venue: The Palace Hotel, Buxton, SK17 6AG

Contact: Democratic and Legal Support Team 

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Roll Call of Members Present, Apologies for Absence and Members Declarations of Interest



Minutes of previous meetings of 16th April 2021 and 30th April 2021 pdf icon PDF 397 KB

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To note any questions or to receive any statements, representations, deputations and petitions which relate to the published reports on Part A of the Agenda.



Full Application - Removal of existing 24M airwave tower and replacement with a 35M tower with attached antennae and dishes for airwave, the ESN (EAS) and SRN networks . At ground level, additional cabins/cabinets will be positioned on the old and new tower bases, along with a standby generator. A separate VSAT dish enclosure will be established 100M to the south west of the main compound at Airwave Telecommunications Tower at Snake Pass Clearing, Snake Road, Bamford (NP/HPK/1020/0947, JK) pdf icon PDF 357 KB


Full Application - Telecom equipment installation, 30M mast and ancillary features on land adjacent to Snake Pass, Snake Road, Sheffield (NP/HPK/0820/0764, JK) pdf icon PDF 366 KB

The meeting adjourned for a short break at 11.15 am and resumed at 11.25 am


Proposed agricultural building to house and feed livestock and store fodder at South View Farm, Washhouse Bottom, Little Hucklow pdf icon PDF 308 KB


Full Application - Erection of local needs dwelling Land near Slade Cottage, Monyash Road, Over Haddon (NP/DDD/0321/0257, MN) pdf icon PDF 313 KB


Full Application - Erection of local needs dwelling at land at Chapel Farm, Heathcote - (NP/DDD/DDD/0121/0083, MN) pdf icon PDF 306 KB

The Meeting adjourned for lunch at 13.00 and returned at 13.35


Full Application - Retrospective application for change of use from agricultural land to a caravan site (10 pitches) at Greencroft Farm, Weaddow Lane, Middleton-by-Youlgrave (NP/DDD/0820/0753, TS) pdf icon PDF 332 KB


Listed Building Consent - Removal of and upgrade of all CCTV cameras along with all redundant power supplies and cabling, digital cameras are powered through CAT 5. To make good all fixing holes, including historic part of the building with an appropriate mortar at Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell (NP/DDD/0421/0428, TS) pdf icon PDF 224 KB


Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan (AM) pdf icon PDF 293 KB


Full Application - Erection of replacement mixed use outbuilding at Lane House Farm, Wetton Road, Butterton (NP/SM/1120/1072, P1384/SC) pdf icon PDF 321 KB


Full Application - Creation of parking area for dwelling from agricultural field at Hillcrest, Stanedge Road, Bakewell (NP/DDD/1220/1144, ALN) pdf icon PDF 399 KB


Head of Law Report - Planning Appeals (A.1536/AMC) pdf icon PDF 191 KB