Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

The Planning Committee meets approximately once per month, usually on a Friday at 10am, with site visits being held the day before meetings.  Agendas and reports are published 5 working days before a meeting.  Meetings can last up to 3 hours and occasionally for longer and are always in person meetings.  The Committee meetings are usually held at Aldern House, Bakewell but may be held at other venues if required.  Site visits can last from 2 – 4 hours, occasionally longer, and transport is provided from and return to Aldern House.


The Authority appoints Members to the Planning Committee at its annual meeting each year.  The membership of the Committee is currently set by 8 places being allocated to the Members appointed to the Authority by its Constituent Councils with the remaining 7 places going to Secretary of State appointed National and Parish Members.


The Planning Committee exercise the powers and duties of the Authority where these powers have not been reserved to a meeting of the Authority with regard to development management, conservation areas and grants.


The delegation to the Planning Committee can be viewed via the following link Delegation to Committees


Contact information

Support officer: Customer and Democratic Support Team.

Postal address:
Aldern House
Baslow Road
DE45 1AE

Phone: 01629 816200