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Information about Appeals Panel

The Appeals Panel meets as required.  The Authority appoints Members to the Panel at its annual Authority meeting in July each year.


When an employee makes an appeal against a decision of dismissal they can elect to have the appeal heard by a Panel of Members – the Appeals Panel.  If an appeal related to a decision by the Resource Management Meeting, for example under the Managing Change Policy, this would also be heard by the Appeals Panel.


The purpose of an appeal hearing is not to re-hear the whole case, but rather to: consider whether due process has been followed, particularly the requirements of relevant policies; review the evidence leading to the original decision, including inconsistencies, e.g. conflicting evidence/accounts; determine if the manager’s decision which led to the appeal was reasonable in the particular circumstances and decide on the appropriateness of the outcome given the range of options open to the manager.  To ensure the case is considered objectively and fairly Members must keep an open mind and follow the agreed procedures details of which are provided to those appointed to the Panel.  Human Resources Officers also assist appointed Members before and during any appeals.


Members of the Appeals Panel cannot also be members of the separate Investigatory and Disciplinary Committee.