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Information about Investigatory and Disciplinary Committee Information

The Investigatory and Disciplinary Committee (IDC) was established as part of the Disciplinary Procedure for Chief Executive, Statutory Officers and Non-Statutory Chief Officers agreed by the Authority in December 2018 and its terms of reference were added to Standing Orders (Minute No 47/18).


It was agreed to appoint six Members to the Committee with three being Local Authority Members and three Secretary of State Members. Members appointed to the IDC cannot also be appointed to the separate Appeals Panel.


The IDC will consider and make decisions on allegations of misconduct relating to a Relevant Officer, defined as a Chief Officer in Part 5 of Standing Orders.  As the IDC, the Committee can make most decisions relating to disciplinary issues arising as a result of investigations into the conduct of a Relevant Officer. But, as matters relating to the appointment and dismissal of a Chief Officer must be reserved to a meeting of the Authority, if it concludes that there is evidence to support the allegations and they are serious enough to warrant dismissal it can only make a recommendation to the Authority.


The Committee has not yet been required to meet.


The terms of reference for the IDC can be viewed in Part 4 of Standing Orders, Section G – available here Part 4 Standing Orders (