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Information about Due Diligence Panel Information

The Due Diligence Panel was created when the Authority adopted its Policy on Working with Business Organisations, Individuals, or Groups of Individuals on Sponsorship, Philanthropy and Legacies in October 2014.  One Member is appointed to the Panel, with one reserve Member, and the other members of the Panel are the Monitoring Officer (who Chairs the Panel), the Chief Financial Officer and the Head of Assets and Enterprise.


The role of the Panel is:


1.    To confirm whether it is appropriate to develop a relationship which has a financial value of £5000 or more (actual or in kind) with the proposed interested party (or parties)

2.    To confirm sufficient material has been provided to make a judgement or to refer back to the proposer if more information is needed

3.    To advise if mitigation action is required in light of risks identified by the proposer or the panel in order for development of the relationship to proceed


This process complements the Authority’s decision making processes.


Also in accordance with the Policy all decisions made below the £5000 threshold are:


a)    Recorded through the finance system where a financial transaction is made - with a report being made every six months by the Head of Finance to the Due Diligence Panel for review

b)    Reported to Customer and Democratic Support Team (CDST) for recording on a register where the transaction is an in-kind transaction with a report being made every six months by the CDST to the Due Diligence Panel for review.


Quarterly meetings of the Panel are provisionally arranged, however additional meetings are called as necessary.  The decisions of the Panel are published on our website after meetings.


Further information on the Policy and the role of the Panel is available via the following link  Library folder - Due Diligence Procedure - Due Diligence Policy: Peak District National Park