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Performance Review 2018/19 (A197/HW)


Holly Waterman, Senior Strategy Officer introduced the report.


Members were asked to consider a report on the Performance and Business Plan, which is published every year.  It contains 2 main sections, the 1st  looks at the Authority’s  Performance over the last 12 months, this is against the 3rd and final year of the Corporate Strategy 2016-2019 which has now finished, and the 2nd section contains our Corporate Risk Register for 2019/20, which is the first year of the new 2019/2024 Corporate Strategy.  This had been discussed in detail at the last Audit, Resources and Performance Committee on the 17th May.


The Chair thanked Holly for her report and asked Members to note the High Risks in the report that were out of our control, 2 of which were dependant on external factors,  and the uncertainty regarding Brexit, in particular the Moorlife 2020 European Funding for Moors for the Future work, and the impact on Farmers and Land Management in terms of drawing down of agri-environment payments and moving to the new ELMS system, both of which will be monitored very carefully.


Members welcomed the report and the Officer recommendation was moved and seconded, put to the vote and carried.






1.    To approve the performance review element of the Performance and Business Plan as described in the table at paragraph 9 and accompanying appendices.


2.    To approve the Corporate Risk Register for 2019/20.


3.    To delegate completion of details to the Chief Executive, to allow publication by the statutory deadline of the 30th June.







Cllr Lewis joined the meeting at 11.15


The meeting was adjourned at 11.20 for a short break and reconvened at 11.30

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