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Second Report of the Governance Review Working Group


The Chair introduced the report and confirmed that the Authority’s Annual General Meeting on 3 July would take place as a virtual meeting.  Members were invited to contact the Chair if they wished to discuss any concerns regarding the proposal. 


Members requested clarification on how a secret ballot would be held during a virtual meeting and the Democratic Services Manager confirmed that work to enable this would continue.  The Chair confirmed that a virtual AGM would not take place unless a secret ballot was possible.


It was noted that appointments would be made to the Governance Review Working Group at the AGM with a view to carry out a six month review of the impact of the changes introduced.


The Chair took the meeting through the 16 recommendations as set out in the report which were moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




1.    To note the recommendations of the Governance Review Working Group as set out in Appendix 1 of the report


2.    To approve the Appointment Principles as set out in Appendix 1 of the report.


  1. To confirm that the Member Appointment Process Panel should continue to be part of the process for preparing for Annual Meetings.


  1. To continue to receive an annual report on Member attendance based on Member attendance at meetings of the Authority, Standing Committees and essential learning and development events/workshops only.


  1. To approve the changes to the terms of reference of the Programmes and Resources Committee as set out in Appendix 2.


  1. To confirm that no changes are made to the existing arrangements for Member Scrutiny.


  1. To confirm that quarterly meeting of the Local Joint Committee should be scheduled on the understanding that they will only take place ir there are sufficient items to make a meeting viable.


  1. To confirm that there is no need for Member representation on the Health and Safety Committee.


  1. To approve the continuation of the Governance Review Working Group and agree to make appointments to it at the 2020 Annual Meeting.


  1. To approve the amendments to the Scheme of Delegation to the Chief Executive s set out in Appendix 3.


  1. To ask the Chief Executive to carry out a review of the format and content of the Officer Delegation Scheme.


  1. To continue to use the current format of the Revenue Budget.


  1. To ask Officers to explore the options for using the annual workshops to give Members greater ownership of budget proposals including the possibility of inviting a selection of budget holders to a session where they can provided more detail about their budgets, how they are used to support the Corporate Strategy and what the key issues were around delivery.


  1. To approve the Member Champion Role Description set out in Appendix 4.


  1. To appoint Members to the following Member Champion roles at the 2020 Annual Meeting:


·         Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Farming.

·         Cultural Heritage and Landscapes

·         Engagement (includes sustainable tourism, recreation, health and wellbeing)

·         Thriving and Sustainable Communities (including social housing)

·         Climate Change (including transport) (This Members Champion should chair the Climate change Working Group)

·         Business Economy

·         Member Learning and Development


  1. To approve the Guidance for Members appointed to Outside Bodies as set out in Appendix 5.


  1. To remove the following from the list of Outside Bodies to be appointed to at the 2020 Annual Meeting:

·         Derby and Derbyshire Economic Partnership Rural Forum Derbyshire Partnership Forum

·         National Parks UK

·         Peak Park Parishes Forum Annual Liaison Meeting


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