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Full application - Modifications to the pathways, alterations to the level of the entrance porch and doors ; the implementation of an internal ramp between the north and chancel aisle; as well as the creation of a second doorway in the north chancel aisle at parish church of St. Lawrence Eyam, Church Street, Eyam (NP/DDD/0420/0313 AM)


The Planning Manager, North Area, introduced the report and clarified that this was a planning application and that the Grade 2* listed building had ecclesiastical exemption regarding listed building consent so the internal alterations would be determined at diocese level.  An amendment to condition 6 was proposed to add the word ‘wooden’ to ensure a glass door was not used for the north door and an addition to condition 9 to ensure suitable covering for the drain channel along the footpath.


The following spoke under the Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:


·         Rev Mike Gilbert, applicant - by pre-recorded video


A motion to approve the application subject to changes to the conditions was moved.


Members requested that an additional condition be added regarding lighting which would be required outside the new door if it were to be used as an emergency exit. 


Officers clarified the need for a new emergency exit as the door leading from the vestry was not suitable as it would require the emergency exit route to be through an additional room from the main part of the church which was not in line with Health and Safety requirements. 


The motion to approve the application subject to changes to the conditions was seconded, put to the vote and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions or modifications.


1.    Statutory three year time limit for implementation.


2.    In accordance with submitted plans and specifications.


3.    No development shall commence until a written scheme of investigation for a programme of historic building recording has been submitted and approved. No development shall take place until all on-site elements of the approved scheme have been completed. Within 12 week from completion of the development reporting shall be completed and provision made for publication, dissemination and archiving of results.


4.    Notwithstanding the approved plans, no planning permission is granted for the removal or replacement of the existing external doors to the south porch.


5.    Agree details of alterations to existing external doors to the south porch to facilitate raised floor level.


6.    Agree details of new wooden doors to north elevation including construction, finish and method of fixing.


7.    Agree sample of stone type and dressing for the new north doorway.


8.    Agree details of new mortars for bedding and pointing stonework (including proposed mortar mix(es) and joint profile).


  1. Agree levels and samples of flagstone paving and kerbs including the drainage channel cover, dressing, coursing and joint profile.


10.  Agree construction details and finish and method of fixing for new handrail.


11.  Agree an external lighting scheme.


Supporting documents: