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Listed Building Consent - For repair works comprising: crack repairs, crack stitching, re-pointing (using lime mortar), de-vegetation and removal of trees, installation of tell tales and mortar tabs, rebuilding of areas of collapse - Monsal Dale Viaduct, Monsal Dale (NP/DDD/0720/0611, TS)


The Head of Development Management introduced the item and explained that the volume of repair work required a planning application and that an additional condition would be added to record and submit information on all repairs and the information to be added to the historic record. Condition 8 of the report would be removed as any future large scale repair work would need to be brought before a future committee and could not be approved in advance.


The Officer recommendation to approve the application subject to changes to the conditions was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to conditions to secure the following:


1.    Time limit for commencement.


2.    Development to be carried out in accordance with the submitted details and specifications.


3.    Mortar repairs and repointing to match the existing lime mortar with a sample to be submitted and approved.


4.    All brick and stone to match existing.


5.    Method statement for brick and stone repairs to be submitted and approved, including use of hand tools only.


6.    Method statement for crack stitching to be submitted and approved.


7.    Specific details of the monitoring devices to be submitted and approved.


8.    Details of any access equipment that requires temporarily fixing to the viaduct to be submitted and approved.


9.    Works to be carried out in accordance with the submitted Precautionary Working Method Statement in respect of roosting bats.


10.  Details of equipment and material storage areas to be submitted and approved. 


11.  Details of all repairs to be recorded and the information added to the historic document.


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