Agenda item

Full Application - Erection of an Agricultural Barn for The Housing of Livestock and Storage, land near to Dale Farm, Middleton by Youlgrave


It was noted that the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee had visited the site on the previous day with the Head of Development Management.


The Planning Manager – South Area introduced the report and stated that the proposals did not address the reasons for refusal of a previous application last year.


The following addressed the Committee under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Mr and Mrs Brocklehurst, Objectors – statement read out by Democratic Services

·         Ms Kay Davies, Agent for Objectors Mr and Mrs Brocklehurst – live telephone call

·         Mr Dominic Cooney, Agent for the Applicant – video recording.


It was noted that the application was brought to the Committee as the Parish Council now supported the application but the recommendation was for refusal.  The Parish Council had not supported the previous application so that had been dealt with under delegated powers.


The recommendation for refusal was moved.


Ms A Harling declared a personal interest as she knew some of the people who had submitted written representations but she had not discussed the application with them or formed a view on it.


The motion for refusal was seconded.


Members noted the conflict between the desire to support a farming family within the community and the need to protect the listed buildings and monuments in the area but recognised that in line with National Park purposes and our policies that the building would be harmful to the special qualities of the National Park.




That the application be REFUSED for the following reason:


1.    The introduction of the proposed building in an open and undeveloped landscape that makes a positive contribution to the setting of the Middleton-by-Youlgrave Conservation Area and to the setting of several Listed Buildings would significantly alter the character of the site and would result in significant harm to the landscape character of the area, the setting of the conservation area and the setting of the nearby listed buildings. The development would therefore fail to conserve the valued characteristics of the National Park and is contrary to policies GSP1, GSP2, GSP3, L1, L3, DMC3, DMC7, DMC8 and DME1 and the guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.

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