Agenda item

Household Application - Proposed Dwelling Extension and Associated Works at 1, Horsedale, Bonsall, DE4 2AY (NP/DDD/0320/0275, LB)


The Chair and Vice Chair of Committee had visited the site the previous day.


The Planning Officer introduced the item.  Since the publication of the report, there had been some discussion regarding if the rear-part of the house  is an extension or  part of the original building but this did not change the recommendation as set out in the report. 


Discussions with the applicant had resulted in some changes to the original application but the scale and mass of the proposed extension did not respect the original form of the property and would cause harm in a conservation area.


The following addressed the committee under the Public Participation at Meetings Scheme:


           Nick Marriott, Agent –  Video Presentation


The Office recommendation to refuse the application was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




That the application be REFUSED for the following reason:


1.         The proposed development, by virtue of the scale, form, massing and design fails to harmonise with or adequately respect the character and appearance of the existing dwelling. As such the development proposals are not sensitive to the locally distinctive building traditions or the valued characteristic of the National Park. The development would therefore also result in harm to the historic character of the Bonsall conservation area. The proposal is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework, the Core Strategy Policies GSP1, GSP2, GSP3, DS1 and L1 and the Development Management Policies DMC3 and DMC8.


Supporting documents: