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Full Application - Removal of existing 24M airwave tower and replacement with a 35M tower with attached antennae and dishes for airwave, the ESN (EAS) and SRN networks. At ground level, additional cabins/cabinets will be positioned on the old and new tower bases, along with a standby generator. A separate VSAT dish enclosure will be established 100M to the south west of the main compound at Airwave Telecommunications Tower at Snake Pass Clearing, Snake Road, Bamford (NP/HPK/1020/0947, JK.)


The Chair and Vice Chair of Committee had visited the site on the previous day.


The Planning Officer introduced the report for the current mast to be replaced with a larger one, to provide improve essential coverage for the emergency services and provide a better mobile coverage for the local community.  The screening currently provided by the trees would have to be secured controlled by a Planning Obligation, which would be necessary before granting permission,  and, and this would be negotiated  with the applicant and Forestry England.


Members considered that although the mast would be larger than the existing one, it would be acceptable due to the screening.


A motion to approve the recommendation as set out in the report was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




That, subject to the prior submission of a Planning Obligation under S106 of the Planning Act (Unilateral Undertaking) which secures the retention and management of the trees immediately surrounding the site throughout the lifetime of the development,  the application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions;


1.    Statutory 3 year time period for commencement.


2.    Carry out in accordance with the submitted plans subject to the following conditions and or modifications;


3.    The whole of the installation, including mast, antenna, dishes and any support poles, cable gantry and fencing shall be pre-coloured prior to erection/installation in a dark green colour (RAL6009) with a matt finish


4.    Remove when no longer required for telecommunications purposes


5.    All new access tracks, resurfacing and repair of existing tracks to be carried out with natural crushed gritstone only.


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