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Commercial Strategy 2019-24 (AKB)


The report was introduced by the former Director of Commercial Development and Engagement, who underlined that as well as being a strategy for the Authority it was also a strategy for the place, i.e. the National Park.  He thanked the Officers who had contributed to the Strategy.


In response to Member’s queries, Officers advised:


·         The term “excluding charges” on page 45 of the report referred to internal visitor services back office charges.


·         Following the launch in July 2020, online sales had remained strong throughout the pandemic.  The Director did not have figures to hand but confirmed that they would be provided by the Visitor Experience Development Manager.


·         Regarding Pillar 3 and the target of diversification of the portfolio, the Authority will aim to generate income, to support for example net zero with nature projects


·         The list of skills gaps and challenges will be addressed through training and support for existing staff and consideration of future capacity/capability needed will form part of the medium term financial plan .


An amendment to the Strategy, in “Core Principles” to include cultural heritage in the definition of ecosystem services was requested and agreed.


A motion to approve the recommendation was moved and seconded.


Members asked how the strategy will be monitored and were advised that it will be reported on via the KPIs in the Corporate Strategy.


The motion was voted on and carried.




To endorse and confirm the Commercial Strategy with responsibility for delivery delegated to the Heads of Engagement and Asset Management in consultation with the Head of Finance.






Supporting documents: