Agenda item

North Lees Estate Built Asset Proposals (ES)


The Head of Asset Management introduced the report which made proposals for changes to the management of built assets on the estate and sought approval for the investment required.


In addition to the information contained in the report, she added that her team had been working with the Peak District National Park Foundation to secure further funding.


The following addressed the Committee under the Public Participation at meetings scheme:


  • Neil Porter, Chair of Stanage Forum - statement read out by Democratic and Legal Support Team.


In response to questions from Members, Officers confirmed that:


  • The disposal of Cattisside Cottage was not currently proposed, as in the public consultation carried out last year, consultees had expressed a desire for the estate not to be split up.  It was also felt that the retention and letting of Cattisside Cottage would generate income to make the overall proposal financially viable, potentially producing an annual surplus income.  This was preferable to a one off payment from a disposal and would provide a sustainable revenue income to be used when any unforeseen expense occurred on the estate.


  • The consultation had not given a clear steer regarding the Cruck Barn.  Finding a use for the barn remains important but Officers did not want to delay the report until they had reached a conclusion on this asset.  Going forward it would be dealt with as a separate project requiring separate funding.  Use as an education centre was under suggested for consideration..


  • Public access to North Lees Hall was a priority.  Use of the Hall as a holiday let would enable this as periods could be set aside for public access, e.g. via heritage access days or writing workshops.


  • Archaeological investigations would be carried out at the suspected site of the garden prior to any works.  Officers would work alongside the Heritage Action Group on this.


  • The proposed heat pump was considered to be the best option to provide renewable energy alongside the maintenance of the heritage asset.


Members congratulated Officers on the high quality of the report and the recommendation for approval was moved.


Further questions were raised by Members, in response to which Officers advised:


·         The farm tenancy currently did not include the farm house as it was considered that the tenancy could not sustain a farmer as a main income 


·         Bell’s Box, a small shepherd’s hut, used by Scouts as camping accommodation was underutilised, but improving its rate of use was under consideration.


·         That the timing of the renewal of the Cruck Barn roof was based on surveys conducted by Officers and its condition would be monitored.


·         That the carbon produced in the manufacture of the heating system had not been taken into account as this information was not available but heat pumps had an overall positive impact on carbon reduction.  Wood burning stoves would be installed to work alongside the heat pump.


The motion to approve the recommendations was seconded.


With regards to preventing damage to the historic Hall as a result of short term letting, Officers confirmed that estimates indicated that the Hall would be let for most of the year and a private company would be employed to carry out change overs and report back to the Authority on any maintenance issues.


Members requested that Officers noted the comments from Stanage Forum and addressed them where possible.


The motion was put to the vote and carried.




1.     To note the revised draft management plan and proposal for assets that form part of the Stanage-North Lees Estate


2.     To approve capital expenditure of £169,560 in relation to the refurbishment of Cattisside Cottage


3.     To approve finance from borrowing of a total sum £305,560 to include the expenditure required for the refurbishment of Cattisside Cottage (2. above) and the installation of renewable energy systems to North Lees Hall and Campsite.


4.     For the Authority to make applications under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 for planning and listed building consent in relation to this proposal be delegated to the Head of Asset Management in consultation with the Corporate Property Officer and Planning Manager


5.     For the Authority to enter into contracts in excess of £150,000 for the refurbishment of Cattisside Cottage be delegated to the Head of Asset Management in consultation with the Head of Law and Chief Finance Officer



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