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Monitoring & Enforcement Quarterly Review - February 2022 (A.1533/AJC)


The Team Manager for Monitoring & Enforcement introduced the quarterly report and explained that originally it was intended to present the report in January. An update on staffing in the Monitoring & Enforcement Team was provided including the recruitment of two new members of staff who had now started work in the team.


The Team Manager referred to the Midhope Moors appeal  which had been heard at a Public Inquiry in July 2021 and confirmed that there were two further Public Inquires on enforcement cases due to take place in February and April 2022 and that these would require a lot of resource from the team and other Authority Officers.


Members commended the Monitoring & Enforcement Team for working with reduced resources.  It was noted that there had previously been a Member Representative Role for Enforcement that no longer existed.  The Head of Law explained that the decision to remove that role had been made following a review of the Member Rep roles by the member led Governance Working Group which had introduced the current Member champions roles which had been approved by the full Authority. Members now asked for this to be reinstated at the next Authority AGM.


A motion to note the report was moved, seconded, voted on and carried.




To note the report

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