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Full Application - To install 4 additional picnic benches on top of the existing 4 for additional seating used by the cafe at Millers Dale Station, unnamed road from Glebe Farm to B6049, Millers Dale (NP/HPK/0621/0709, SW)


The Head of Planning introduced the report which was to add an additional 4 picnic benches to the site at Millers Dale Station.


There had been some question as to whether the location of the benches would obstruct the main route of the Monsal Trail but whilst some of the benches were down at the level of the old track, it was considered that they would not cause an obstruction, and would improve the amenities available.


A motion to approve the approve the application in accordance with the Officer recommendation was moved and seconded, put to the vote and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions or modifications -


1.         Standard time limit


2.         The benches hereby permitted shall not be installed other than as shown on the approved plan ‘PB03’ and in accordance with the submitted specifications.

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