Agenda item

Full Application - Two storey rear extension to an agricultural worker's dwelling at Vicarage Barn, Hollinsclough (NP/SM/0223/0121. RD)


This item was brought forward on the agenda due to the Speakers having arrived.


Some Members had visited site the previous day.


The report was presented by the Planning Officer who outlined the reasons for refusal as set out in the report.


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Amy Hubble – Supporter

·         Cllr Gill Heath - Supporter


Members acknowledged the applicants need for larger accommodation, and that this had to be balanced with National Park purposes, including the landscape and heritage value of the barn.


A concern was raised regarding the view of the property from the wider landscape and that with addition of the extension it would be viewed as a house rather than as a converted barn


A motion to approve the application was proposed and seconded.


Members discussed the lack of accommodation for local farm workers and their families.  It was noted that the barn in question had been rebuilt in a style more modern to that of traditional field barns, many of which had extensions to the rear.  It was suggested that if the application was approved, a condition could be added to restrict the proposed French style window to a single width opening.


The motion to approve the application contrary to Officer recommendation was voted on and carried.






To APPROVE the application, contrary to Officer recommendation, subject to the following conditions:


1.    Standard time limit for commencement

2.    Development in accordance with approved plans

3.    Design details to march existing

4.    Reduction in width of french door opening to single door.





Supporting documents: