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Full Application - Minor revision design of bridge modification works previously consented through Network Rail (Hope Valley Capacity) Order at Spittlehouse Bridge (Bridge MAS/25) North of A6187 Hathersage Road, Hathersage (NP/DDD/0123/0100, JK)


This item was brought forward on the agenda due to the speaker having arrived.


The report was presented by the Planning Officer who outlined the reasons for approval as set out in the report.  He also added that the height and clearance of the bridge had been discussed with the agent who had stated that there would be no reduction in height and therefore the same clearance as under the present bridge, this was also confirmed in the submitted plans.


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Nick Williams - Objector


Members requested that the height be secured by condition and that no approval should be issued without confirmation and assurance that at no point should the height and clearance be less than that of the existing bridge.


Furthermore that the approval of plans be delegated to the Head of Planning to issue, following confirmation of the above and for this to be first agreed with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Planning Committee to assure local residents that the height clearance not be prejudiced by the new bridge deck.


A motion to approve the application with the addition of a condition regarding the height and clearance of the bridge was moved, seconded, vote on and carried.






To delegate approval of the application to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair approval to be subject to the following conditions:


1.    Commence development within 3 years


2.    Carry out in accordance with specified approved plans which incorporate amended fence and wingwall capping treatments.



3.    Colouring of metal decking to be dark green to BS 12B29 or equivalent RAL


4.    Carry out in accordance with existing approved construction method statements and ecological reports.


5.    Height and clearance of bridge at no point to be lower than existing.




Supporting documents: