Agenda item

Approval of Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Plan to Submit for Referendum (CW)


The Communities Policy Planner introduced the report which was to consider the recommendations by the independent examiner of the Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Plan which has been submitted to High Peak Borough Council as well as the Authority for approval.


A motion to approve the recommendation was proposed, seconded, voted on and carried.




That members, in accordance with paragraph 12 of Schedule 4B of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act:


1.            Approve that following the inclusion of the Examiner’s recommended modifications into the Plan (as set out in Appendix 1), the plan meets the basic conditions such that it can proceed to a referendum;


2.            Approve publication of a formal Decision Statement detailing the Authority’s response to the Examiner’s recommendations (Appendix 2);


3.            Determine that the referendum boundary will cover the designated Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Area only.





Supporting documents: