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Full Application - Development of an Existing Compound Area Within the Curtilage of Millers Dale Station into a Changing Places Facility That Will be Open to the Public (NP/DDD/0823/0972, GB) P. 10804


The report was introduced by the Planning Officer who laid out the reasons for approval as set out in the report.


There was a query as to why the design did not include solar panels on the roof and this was due to the building being very small and having a curved roof form.  The planning officer highlighted the large area of solar panels that had been integrated into the roof of the goods shed to offset the energy needs of the whole site.


A motion to approve the application was proposed, seconded, voted on and carried.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions:


·         Standard time limit

·         Carry out in accordance with specified approved plans

·         External paintwork to be maintained as dark recessive colours


Supporting documents: