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Full Application - Proposed local needs dwelling on land at Pown Street, Sheen, (NP/SM/0124/0039, LB)


Some Members had visited the site the previous day.


The Planning Officer presented the report and outlined the reasons for refusal.


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Mr M Goodwin, Applicant


Members sympathised with the applicant but considered that although a building on this site was acceptable, the orientation of the proposal needed to be revised so bring it in line with the properties on the other side of the road.


Members accepted that a sufficient case of local connection had been made to justify the house, but asked that the application be deferred to enable discussions to take place with Officers on the siting and orientation of the dwelling. The decision would then be delegated to Officers so there would be no need for this application to come back to Committee.




That the application be DEFERRED to allow for further discussions with Officers and the Applicant to take place regarding the design and orientation of the proposal, then to delegate the decision to Officers.



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