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Proposed Traffic Regulation Order at Washgate (A76226/SAS)


Sue Smith, The Access and Rights of Way Officer, introduced the report and summarised a response received  on behalf the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society and the Open Spaces Society.  She also reported that since the report was published a further 5 objections to motorcycle restrictions had been received and were similar to those reported.


The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


·         Mr M Gallagher, Northern British Bike pre-65 Trials Championship

·         Mr A Kind, Auto Cycle Union HQ

·         Mr H Cleary, ROW Officer, Manchester 17 MCC

·         Mr S Wardle, Leycotes Farm

·         Mr G Wood, Individual

·         Ms P Stubbs, Peak Horsepower and Peak District Green Lanes Alliance

·         Mr C Woods, Individual


In response to Members’ queries the Officer stated that evidence had been received regarding the Bemrose Trial and the Reliance Cup Trial but not for the Dave Rowland or Northern Experts Trials.  The Officer emphasised that the Authority was not the Highway Authority and therefore not responsible for repairs to the route.  The exemption terms could ask for  re-instatement works and contribution to these could be via a voluntary working group (which was already in place) or by provision of materials.


If Members were minded to approve a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) with an exemption for events officers would work with organisers to advise on adopting a pre-cautionary approach and to consider the use along the river.  However the exemption could not state that the river could not be used.  The Officer reported that she was meeting with the organiser of the Bemrose Trial next week, ahead of their next event.


It was noted that the number of entrants for each event in the draft terms of exemption was limited to 180 as this was the legal maximum allowed.  One of the events had already stated that their event was limited to 120.


A motion for a TRO with an exemption, with the terms of exemption limiting events to the 2 named events for the Bemrose Trial and the Reliance Cup Trial, was moved and seconded.  A Member requested that a report back on the next motorcycle trial event be made to the Committee, with pictures, but this was not added to the motion.  The motion was then voted on and carried.




That the Authority proceeds to make a Traffic Regulation Order under Section 22 BB(2)(a) Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 that will have the effect of prohibiting use by mechanically propelled vehicles on the Washgate route including the exemption for use by motorcycles in connection with 2 named events, the Bemrose Trial and the Reliance Cup Trial, on such terms as may be required by the Authority.



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