Representations Recieved

Thompson Wright Limited

Details of the representation

Re Planning application at Mixon Grange Farm, Onecote, ST13 7RX


Dear Sirs


We have been working with our client to establish a plan for the future of Mixon Grange Farm, which has been part of the Grindey family for almost 60 years, with four generations currently living in the farmhouse. The family are keen to continue the farming operation into the future with Mr J Hill, the grandson of Mr G and Mrs J Grindey, taking a more active role in the business in the last few years. 


In order to sustain the farming activity and enable the growth of the farm to a level that can support the family moving forward, the new agricultural shed would be imperative. 


The business has secured funding for the shed build, and has managed to extend this funding to incorporate the unexpected additional cost of the retaining wall at your request (circa £20,000+). But any additional costs, such as archaeological monitoring throughout the build, would render the project both unaffordable, and seriously affect the viability of the business moving forward. 


Without the agricultural shed and subsequent expansion of the farming operation, the business profitability would be compromised, leading to the potential closure and sale of the farm in the next few years, with it unable to financially support the family in the future.